Manual Pool Covers

Manually cover your pool with

The Step-Saver® Manual Cover

Standard Step Savor Components

  • Manual roller with turn handle
  • Attached cover removal ropes
  • Universal track
  • Wheels
  • Exclusive premium-grade reinforced QuadCore™ vinyl
  • Automatic water removal pumpUL Listed (Classified Product) – conforms to applicable requirements of ASTM safety standard F1346-91

Additional Information

Original Turn Handle

Our standard turn handle system makes retraction of the pool cover on a standard sized pool a less strenuous task than “anchor” type covers.

Power Wheel

The Power Wheel option facilitates cover removal by letting you use both leg and arm muscles to uncover the pool. This option also allows operation from inside a recessed housing.

Custom Fabric Colors

Our premium special order vinyl is available in many custom colors to match your pool decor. If you do not see your favorite color, contact your dealer for additional color options.

Additional Customization

Your Step-Saver® manual pool cover system is an economical alternative to an automatic pool cover, made especially for your pool. Each Step-Saver system includes standard components, but we also offer a variety of optional components for additional customization.

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