Replacement Fabric for All Brands and Models of Pool Cover Systems

If you already have an automatic cover system and are ready to replace the vinyl fabric, AquaSafe Pool Covers offers the most durable vinyl fabric on the market. The replacement fabric can be used on any brand or model of pool cover.

This high-performance vinyl is reinforced with a strong polyester mesh for strength and tear resistance. It is the best suited fabric to withstand the swimming pool environment. With each fabric replacement, we provide a tune-up for your pool cover system.

Choose from 11 standard colors for premium Quad-Core® fabric.

  • pool fabric slate gray
  • pool fabric gray
  • pool fabric black
  • pool fabric royal blue
  • pool fabric light blue
  • pool fabric dusky blue
  • pool fabric aqua
  • pool fabric forest green
  • pool fabric beige
  • pool fabric tan