Guardian Pool Fences

For a secure vertical pool barrier, AquaSafe Pool Covers offers pool safety fences made by Guardian Pool Fence Systems. The removable mesh fences are custom designed to fit your pool and feature the only patented, non-climbable, self-closing pool gate. The gates are also self-latching and lockable. AquaSafe Pool Covers can help you select the right safety fence for your pool.


The Premier Pool Fence uses a high-strength and high-performance pole design with smaller deck holes (especially recommended for wood and composite decks and for above ground pools).


The Original Pool Fence uses a tri-core pole design that is internally reinforced from top to bottom for strength.


All mesh and fence systems from Guardian Pool Fence Systems have been independently tested and certified to meet ASTM F-2286 requirements for mesh pool fencing. The pool gate latch also meets the barrier code requirements of the NSPI and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.