Safer pools in sixty seconds: COVER-POOLS® AUTOMATIC POOL COVERS

A Cover-Pools® automatic pool cover keeps kids and pets out of the pool, and heat and water in the pool. It’s convenient enough to use every day–whenever the pool is not being used. Simply type in a code and press a button or turn a key to cover your pool in less than a minute. Using an automatic pool cover every day can also help save up to 70% on annual operating costs for the pool.

  • Save money on chemicals, heat, and water loss due to evaporation
  • Increase water temperature and extend your swimming season
  • Save on electrical costs by reducing wear on your pool equipment
  • Reduce chemical use
  • Get a cleaner pool and easier pool maintenance

The custom cover systems have options to fit your combination of aesthetics, functionality, and price. No matter what style of pool you already own or are building, AquaSafe Pool Covers can help you choose the right automatic pool cover for your pool.

child next to safety pool cover


Cover-Pools safety pool covers are certified to meet ASTM safety standard F1346-91. They are listed with UL for both safety standards and for electrical standards.